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The Bloody White Baron

James Palmer’s eye is equally keen, yet, in The Bloody White Baron, his is focused on one of the more bizarre and contradictory characters in Eurasian history: Baron Ungern-Sternberg. A Russian noble who believed himself the reincarnation of Genghis Khan, who conquered Mongolia – wrestling it away from China – then ruled it brutally for a short time, until he was captured and executed by the Soviets, he was a sadistic murderer whose antisemitism, mysticism and genocidal rampages presaged the Nazis. This is an epic biography (ranging from WWI battles, to the Civil War, to Manchuria) told it in an easy style that infects the reader with curiosity, peeling back myths to reveal the strange and twisted man that was Ungern-Sternberg.

— Paul E. Richardson

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Reviewed in Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2009