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15 December 2017

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What some Chtenia readers say about the quarterly journal:


“Brilliant way for anyone with an interest to self-educate and get exposure to lesser-known authors and works. I'm currently an undergrad Russian Studies major, and the readings I've done in Chtenia have given me plenty of fodder for papers and class discussions. A lot of truly great Russian authors never managed to cross over into the American literary consciousness like Dostoevsky and Tolstoy have; I'm genuinely thankful there's a publication like Chtenia working to correct that. Having the poetry in both Russian and English is also supremely, supremely helpful and edifying. Thank you so much!”

— Tristyn Bloom

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Chtenia is an excellent literary passageway into Russian culture. The poems and stories are both old and new, and in this issue there is even a futuristic tale of Moscow in 2028 governed by a new Ivan the Terrible. If you have seen the movies East Side Story or The Irony of Fate, you would enjoy reading Tamara Eidelman's article on New Year's Cinema. In short, if you look forward to each issue of Russian Life and you wish to have a greater immersion in Russian literary culture, you would appreciate Chtenia.”

— William Neal

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A Great Blend Of Old & New

Chtenia filled a void in my reading by giving me some of the best of old and new Russian literature. I recommend Chtenia to anyone interested in Russian literature and/or culture.”

— Nick Skapyak

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“I have been a subscriber to Chtenia from the beginning and love it. The variety of literature from Pushkin to the present is great. Many of the stories remind me of the wonderful time I spent in Russia. When I come home and find my Chtenia in the mailbox it brightens my day. Please keep them coming!”

— Gary Dusek

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