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Looking at Lukin

More photos of Russian America If you read Russian, you will get a bit more out of this page. But even if you don't, you can marvel at the great archival pictures, taken just a few decades after the handover of Russian America.

Russian Mysteries

The House of Special Purpose By John Boyne

Murder at the Dacha By Alexei Bayer

The Twelfth Department By William Ryan

Maidenhair By Mikhail Shishkin

The Occult in Tsarist Russia By Thomas E. Berry

Long, Long Tales from the Russian North Jack V. Haney, translator and editor

The Dostoyevsky Archive Peter Sekirin, editor

Russian Paris

Victoria and Albert Museum exhibit A wonderful online archive of an exhibition about The Rite of Spring that took place at this museum.

The Russian Bees Will Save Us

Queen of the Sun We haven't seen the movie, but from the info on this site, it looks like a very interesting documentary on the same themes as this article.

Bee People There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of blogs about average persons who keep bees. Here's one we really liked.

Million Bees Roadtrip This blog by the people at Maine's The Honey Exchange, tells all about the community of beekeepers that has grown up around a rather dedicated apiarist. This blog post is about his trip south this spring to pick up a million bees for his clients.

How Capitalism Saved the Bees An update on the bee crisis shows that the future is far less dire than predicted, thanks to the ingenuity of beekeepers.