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May/June 2012

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A Wealth of Literature

Stolen Air The Selected Poems of Osip Mandelstam
Translated by Christian Wiman
(Ecco, $15.99)

The Twelve Chairs by Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov
Translated by Anne O. Fisher

The Scar Sergey and Marina Dyachenko
Translated by Elinor Huntington
(TOR, $24.99)

The Time of Women Elena Chizhova
Translated by Simon Patterson with Nina Chordas
(Glagoslav, $22.50)

50 Writers: An Anthology of 20th Century Russian Short Stories Translated by Valentina Brougher and Frank Miller, with Mark Lipovetsky
(Academic Studies Press, $29)

Just Send Me Word Orlando Figes
(Henry Holt, $27)

Vladimir Putin and Russian Stagecraft Allan C. Lynch
(Potomac Books, $24.95)

The Return: Russia’s Journey from Gorbachev to Medvedev Daniel Triesman
(Simon & Schuster, $18)

Extreme Russia

Vadim Makhorka's Weblog The popular blog of this daring Siberian photographer whose work was featured in this article.

Japan's White Russian Hurler

Film of Starffin Pitching The film was shot during the 1949 tour of Japan by the San Francisco Seals.

Just Between Us

Nekrasov's Poem "Russian Women" - in Russian

Nekrasov's Poem A translation offered by one individual, of the part of Nekrasov's poem about Russian women.

Nixon Visits Moscow

The Kitchen Debates Great interview of Nixon and the ever ebullient Khrushchev in Moscow. A great open public exchange between them. Best line by Khrushchev, "What did I agree do?" Nixon: "From the way you talk and the way you dominate the conversation, you would have made a good lawyer yourself."

Part 2 of the Nixon-Khruschev Interview More great exchanges between these two skilled debaters.

Nixon and Brezhnev's Wild Ride A film clip (from Final Days) dramatizing Brezhnev's kidnapping of Nixon at Camp David and the ensuing wild ride in Brezhnev's new Lincoln.

Victor Tsoy

The Museum at Kamchatka Boiler Room

Victor Tsoy - Interview and Lyrics

Listen to the interview in Russian The interview which is printed in this issue's Uchites insert.

Listen to the song Listen along as you read and learn the lyrics to Tsoy's "When your Girlfriend was Sick"