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Mar/Apr 2012

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A Woman's Honor (or, When Pigs Fly)

Pig Executed for Murder

Bolotov's House at Dvoryanina

Postcard of the Town of Karachev Near the site of the Pig Incident.

Oryol in the 1830s A nice color image.

A bit of Lyubok A minstrel atop a pig?

Alexander Herzen

Full bio of Herzen The complete biography of Alexander Herzen written for this issue.

Kornei Chukovsky

Bykov on Chukovsky A biography of the writer from 2002, on the 120th anniversary of his birth.

Diary 1901-1969 Chukovsky's voluminous diary has been translated into English by Yale Press. An incomparable record of half a century of Russian literature.


The Winter Palace By Eva Stachniak (Bantam, $26)

The Last Romanov By Dora Levy Mossanen (Sourcebooks, $14.99)

The Fallen Queen By Jane Kindred (Entangled Publishing, $15.99)

Notes on the Cuff & Other Stories By Mikhail Bulgakov (Ardis, $17.95) Translated by Alison Rice

The Russian Origins of the First World War By Sean McMeekin (Belknap Harvard, $29.95)

Russia: A 100-year Chronicle of the Wild East By Martin Sixsmith (Overlook, $37.95)

Sinking Morality

The Red Tent Info on this film about a daring Arctic rescue.

Vasily Bazhenov

St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral A picture of the first cathedral Bazhenov worked on.