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Jan/Feb 2012

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Departures: Alliluyeva and Alekseyev

NYT Obit on Alliluyeva An excellent obituary.

Alexeyev breaks a world record Video of Alexeyev

Election Fever (Trends)

Putin booed One of many videos of the now infamous event at the mixed martial arts fight.

Gulags, Ments, Chekhov and Pushkin

Gulag Boss: A Soviet Memoir Fyodor Vasilevich Mochulsky, translated and edited by Deborah Kaple (Oxford University Press, $29.95)

Thirst Translated by Marian Schwartz (Amazon Crossing, $14.95)

The Darkening Field William Ryan (Minotaur, $24.99)

Memories of Chekhov Peter Sekirin, ed. and trans. (McFarland Books, $45)

Pushkin Threefold Alexander Pushkin, translated by Walter Arndt (Ardis, $29.95)

Heart of the Matter

Almazov Foundation The organization whose work was featured in this article.

Lyubov Orlova

The full biography The long-form version of our biography of Orlova, by Lada Bakal.

Paranoia Trumps True Love

London staging of Zorin's play In spring 2012, Zorin's play will be staged in London, nearly on the anniversary of the 1947 law...

Fragment from the play A fragment from Zorin's play. Follow the sidebar links to other performances.

The Soviet Faust

Leon Theremin plays his instrument

A Movie all about the Theremin (Netflix). Also available on Amazon.

Make your own Theremin Fun.

Thomas Grillo, Professional Thereminist Yes, professional...

Theremin virtuoso Theremin virtuoso Pamelia Kurstin and pianist/composer Pete Drungle play live in Studio 360.

Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage Albert Glinsky (University of Illinois Press, $24.95)

Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey The fascinating movie based on Theremin's life, including interviews with the inventory.

Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage The award-winning biography of Theremin.

Giant Australian Theremin A 23-foot tall theremin has taken up residence in Melbourne, on the banks of the Yarra River. It makes the trademark disturbing woo-woo sounds you remember from 1950s science fiction movies, in response to anyone who moves or dances near it. In essence, you control it by dancing in its vicinity.

Vysotsky Film and other News Items

Short documentary Nice documentary (in Russian) about Vysotsky's life (narrated in Russian). Lots of great footage.

Death of Vysotsky 14-minute documentary Begins with film from 1981, shot one year after his death, of those visiting his grave at Vagankovskoye. Nice archive footage of Moscow in 1980, reading for the Olympics.

Khodorkovsky movie The site for the movie on Khodorkovsky (in Russian)

Navalny blog Link to Alexei Navalny's popular blog (in Russian)

Waiting for Miracles

Maya Kucherskaya's book Maya Kucherskaya's penetrating look at faith in modern Russia, through the ancient lens of a Paterikon...

A Miracle attributed to the relic