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May/June 2011

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A 20,000 Candle Party

Stalin's Folly A marvelous book on the days after the invasion, that looks at Stalin's motivations in 1941.

Suvorov's book Chief Culprit: Stalin's Grand Design to Start World War II, the book mentioned in this Calendar piece.

Fiction and Memoirs

Snowdrops by A.N. Miller

Deathless By Catherynne M. Valente

The Russian Word's Worth By Michele A. Berdy

The Three Fat Men By Yuri Olesha, Hugh Aplin, translator

Memoir of a Gulag Actress By Tamara Petkevich, Yasha Klots and Ross Ufberg, translators

Holy Trinity Monastery

The Monastery's Website

How the East Was Won

Cars for Comrades This scholarly and entertaining volume offers a perceptive ride through twentieth-century Russian history, recalling the development of Russia’s versions of Detroit at Nizhny Novgorod and Togliatti, and noting how the development of the Russian automobile industry was heavily dependent on an injection of technical know-how and machine tools from Ford in the United States. Siegelbaum’s compelling account leaves the reader in no doubt that Russia has long endured two great misfortunes: fools and poor roads.

Auto Rallies Page A website devoted to Russian road rallies

Let the Games Begin

2012 Film Spoof Courtesy of the Communist Party of Russia. Ends with the tagline "There is always a choice." In Russian.

Russian Strings

Oleg Timofeyev performs God Save the Czar

Oleg Timofeyev and John Schneiderman perform two works by Glinka

Artyom Dervoed plays Koshkin

Duo Melis performs La de Caze by Cl B Balbastre

Pavel Steidl performs Lambada für Elise

Alexander Frautschi performs Usher Valse by Nikita Koshkin, in Saratov

Nikita Koshkin's YouTube Channel Includes performance by the guitar orchestra

Slavic Adoration

Soviet Soldiers before Alexander II Monument Sofia. As mentioned in this article.

The Real Last Tsar

Did Mikhail Survive? This article on a Ukrainian website looks at the theory that Mikhail escaped an hid out the rest of his life in Turkestan, under the name Berda Kuzhuk

The Russian Revolution in Color A historical documentary and reenactment of the revolutions of 1917. While the history is at times a bit off, it is worth bearing it for the superb bits of footage from 1917 that have been colorized.

Trekking In Partisan Footsteps

Map of the Forest Trek A Google Maps mashup of the trek Lada Bakal and company took in the footsteps of Soviet partizans.