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Mar/Apr 2011

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Black Sea Mystery

The Full Story of the Prince In Russian. A very exhaustive look at the legend of the Black Prince.

Leonid Tishkov's Blog This post is about the statue for EPRON (in Russian, of course)

The Lestroygians is one of the works in this 1917 translation of Kuprin's work.

Times Article Contemporaneous London Times article on the storm in the Black Sea and the sinking of the Prince.

Gorbachev at 80

Afisha Article with photos from the exhibits

Open Space photos of the Yeltsin exhibit. Nice presentation.

Moscow House of Photography has also posted some of the photos from the Gorbachev exhibit.

Nice Livejournal coverage by a private photographer.

RIA Novosti photoreportage

Perestroika, Molotov and Dachas

Molotov's Magic Lantern by Rachel Polonsky

The Road by Vasily Grossman

Russian Literature by Andrew Baruch Wachtel and Ilya Vinitsky (Polity)

Growing Up in a Criminal World: Siberian Education by Nicolai Lilin

The True Memoirs of Little K by Adrienne Sharp (FSG)

Dacha Idylls by Melissa L. Caldwell (University of California Press)

My Perestroika