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Jan/Feb 2011

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Atherton's Russians

The Doomswoman Free ebook and text of the novel available via the Gutenberg Project.

Rezanov Google Books version of Rezanov.

Rezanov ebook Available as an ebook via Gutenberg project.

Natalie Ivanhoff Read the story online for free.

15 Works by Atherton ...for your Kindle

Baikal and Irkutsk a Century Ago

Tent Life in Siberia available as a free ebook on

Russia Plays Ball

Russia's Pitch Video

Siberia, Emigration, Gorky and Georgia

Summoning the Spirit of General Vlasov by Gavriil Popov (Vantage Press)

The Tiger by John Vaillant (Knopf)

Hidden and Triumphant by Irina Yazykova (Paraclete Press)

Other Animals Jane Costlow and Amy Nelson, eds. (Pittsburgh Press)

Cinematic Cold War by Tony Shaw and Denise Youngblood (Kansas)

The Diaries of Sophia Tolstoy Translated by Cathy Porter (Harper)

The Russian Countess by Edith Sollohub (Impress)

Let Our Fame Be Great Oliver Bullough (Basic Books)

Diaghilev: A Life by Sjeng Scheijen (Oxford)


Travels in Siberia

Childhood, by Maksim Gorky

Russian Lessons

Balancing Act

Stalin's Highrises

Video of Stalin's Vision Great video from 1938, showing the Stalinist vision for Moscow. Ends with shots of the Palace of Soviets never built, proclaiming it "the symbol of the greatness and power of the Soviet people..."

The End of Russian Animation?

The Insect's Christmas On of Vladislav Starevich's earliest animations, from 1913.

Hedgehog in the Fog The classic cartoon, with subtitles.

Tale of Tales

Starevich's The Cameraman's Revenge Not the exact film mentioned in the article, but produced at the same time in Russia with beetles.

Journey of an Ant by Eduard Nazarov

There Once Was A Dog by Eduard Nazarov


Masters of Russian Animation The DVD project that brings together dozens of the best ever Soviet animation.

Trekking Baikal

Nikita Bencharov's Estate on Olkhon Island Where the authors of the article stayed.