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18 November 2018

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Sep/Oct 2010

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Khrushchev at the UN

Shoe Incident one of UN's Greatest Moments

Moscow on the Thames

Berthold Lubetkin

Lenin's London Haunts Nice BBC article on Lenin's haunts in London, plus about Lubetkin's memorial to Lenin.

Pushkin Turns 300

About Catherine's Cathedral (in Russian)

Reading for the Fall

What Maria Yatskova is working on now Her next film will be on centenarians in Azerbaijan.

When They Come for Us We'll Be Gone by Gal Beckerman

The Holy Thief by William Ryan

Guardians By Andy Freeberg

The Littlest Enemies by Deborah Hoffman

Miss Gulag Directed by Maria Yatskova

The Concert

Salmon Island

The state of the world salmon market A fine report compiled by the WWF.

Wild Salmon Center The center whose efforts are profiled in this article.

Background on the Shishiga (in Russian)