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July/Aug 2010

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A Poet Departs

Voznesensky's Poetry in English Brilliantly translated by Alec Vagapov

Voznesensky's Poetry in Russian

Alexander Grin

The Author's Works Most of his works in Russian, and some in English

Dreams of Possession and Tolstoy

A Dream in Polar Fog

The Possessed

Moscow Noir

Brief Lives: Tolstoy

The Russia Reader

Kayaking in Karelia

Werewolf: The Western Riff on Mafia A description of the addictive game of Werewolf, derived from Dimitry Davidoff's Mafia game.

Mafia: Wikipedia info All about the parlor game Mafia, invented by Dmitry Davidoff.

Rules of Werewolf Rules of Werewolf/Mafia well explained

The Spy Who Was Abel

An Ogonyok interview with Evelina Fisher

NY Times article on Abel

Article on Fisher/Abel's life With extracts from his memoirs (article in Russian)

CIA account of Fisher's life A very detailed biography full of interesting tidbits.

What Wikipedia Has to Say