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An Activist is Born

Dymovsky Videos on YouTube In Russian, with English subtitles

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Links Galore on Chekhov A great place to start any online investigation of Chekhov.

Campaign to Save Chekhov's House in Yalta Just like it says. Run by a UK charity.

OneWorld Classics Buy the marvelous Brian Reeve translation of Chekhov's report on crossing Siberia and the prison settlements on Sakhalin.

Chekhov Biography The most revered biography of Chekhov.

Phlip Callow biography A nice biography written in a very approachable style, by a noted British biographer.

Write like Chekhov Learn to write like the master...

Do Svidaniya Stirlitz

Tikhonov Obituary in Russian The full length obituary of Tikhonov/Shtirlitz, in Russian.

Boxed set of 6 DVDs Buy the full "17 Moments" and get acquainted with Shtirlitz first hand. Subtitled in English.

Feasting with Angels

Lubok Samples Lots of great lubok images linked from this page.

Lev Tolstoy's Unhappy Family

Tolstoy Studies Journal A scholarly journal on all things Tolstoy. Great pages on filmography, image gallery and exhaustive quality links to all things Tolstoy.

Movie: The Last Station New movie based on Jay Parini's fine book on Tolstoy's final days and the familial disorder. Just released in Dec. 2009.

Math and Memoirs

Sibling insights into Chekhov

Excellent new bio

Is there an App for that?

Russia On Line

The Soviet Line: The Past as the Present Vladimir Nikolaev's article on the phenomenon (in Russian)


Sagaalgan Travel This company (no endorsement intended; do your own due diligence) offers a Sagaalgan tour to Buryatia.