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Sep/Oct 2009

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Andrei Platonov

Life and Work of Andrei Platonov A nice site hosted at Middlebury with extensive biographical information on the great writer.

The Foundation Pit Arguably Platonov's greatest work.

Soul and Other Stories A great introduction to Platonov's fiction.

Interview with noted Platonov translator An excellent interview with Robert Chandler, translator of Platonov.

Baron Shafirov's Finest Hour

A Discourse... Buy a rare copy of Shafirov's important work on Russian foreign policy.

Khrushchev visits the US

K Blows Top Buy the book online.

Interview with Peter Carlson Interview with the author of "K Blows Top" on NPR's "On the Media" radio program.

Moscow to Vladivostok

Great Online Encyclopedia Everything you could want to know, most of it also in English. Route stops, history, photos, etc.

Guidebook on the Trans-Sib Great place to start if you want a printed guide.

Sophia's Failed Coup

Sofia Alekseyevna Lindsey Hughes' book on Tsarevna Sophia

Spies, Shostakovich and Gagarin's Grandson

Video of Gagarin's Grandson Watch it online for free!

The Lost Spy In 1947, Stalin had an American in his employ, Isaiah “Cy” Oggins, murdered by lethal injection...

Spymaster It could be said that Oleg Kalugin’s tale picks up where Andrew Meier’s [The Lost Spy] leaves off, at least chronologically...

The Hotline

Interagency Language Roundtable Level Three ILR materials are what a Presidential Translator must be able to routinely handle.

Hotline History Some interesting old photos and early history of the Hotline.

On Simultaneous Interpreting Interested in a career in interpreting? Start by reading this book.

Warm Music of Uryanhai

Website of Huun-Huur-Tu Includes samples of their singing.