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July/Aug 2009

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Farm Preserves

AgUSA Video on YouTube The video Darra Goldstein referred to in this column. Colors rather deteriorated, but great look at US propaganda and a nice language-learning video...

Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Molotov Remembers Book based on Chuyev's interviews with Molotov. An unparalleled inside look at life in the Kremlin under Stalin.

Pity the Miliman

Video of Yevsyukov's Attack Plus article on the horrendous rampage.

17 Moments of Spring Buy the 6-DVD set on Amazon

17 Moments of Spring - Stream it Of course you can also stream 17 Moments on YouTube...

Glas: Iramifications Here is the link to this issue of Glas.

One Soldier's War in Chechnya Rossica Prize finalist

Romance with Cocaine Rossica Finalist

Humiliated and Insulted Rossica Prize finalist

The Sacred Book of the Werewolf Rossica Prize finalist

Ice Rossica Prize Finalist

Soviet Karelia

A Frozen Hell The definitive book on the Soviet-Finnish War.

Summer Reading

Kamchatka, by Igor Shpilenok and Patrico Robles Gil

The Russian Dreambook of Colour and Flight



Red Sky, Black Death

Wave of Terror

The 1959 Kitchen Debate

Former Guides Interviewed Former guides at USIA exhibits interviewed, with video and transcripts.

USIA Exhibits Blog A blog run by former USIA guides, with links to photos of exhibits and video of Khrushchev/Nixon videotaped exchange at 1959 event (not the actual Kitchen Debate).

Video of Nixon and Khrushchev Newsreel of Nixon and Khrushchev at the fair

Kitchen Debate on Tape Audio only of Nixon-Khrushchev Exchange

Nixon on Khrushchev Nixon on Khrushchev, one year later

Parting the Curtain, by Walter Hixson

Transcript of Debate As it appeared in the NYT.

Interview with Jack Masey Nice interview about the exhbition.

The Beauty Hunter

Anton Alfer's model website