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Mar/Apr 2008

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Between Glinka & Silvestrov

Rachmaninov Had Big Hands This hilarious YouTube video shows how large Rachmaninov's hands were -- too big for this diminutive pianist, which leads to the humorous improvization...

Rachmaninov Plays Rachmaninov You have to love YouTube. A video of Rachmaninov playing his own works.

Preserving 1000 Years of Russian Art

Russian Museum Official Site A rather basic site, but informative and you can view some of the artwork.

President Medvedev

Who is Medvedev? A good backgrounder by Russia Profile.

Remembrance of Breads Past

Borodinsky Bread A wonderful essay, from a British bread gury, about his personal bread journey through Russia.

Ryazan: Gateway to the Russian Heartland

Ryazan Overview Some nice info and a good encyclopedic type overview of the city and region from Kommersant.

Storks, Pravda, Bolsheviks and Stalin's Children

Anna Akhmatova: Poet and Prophet by Roberta Reeder

Balakirev and Russian Folksong

The Bolsheviks in Power by Alexander Rabinowitch

Children's World: Growing up in Russia, 1890-1991 by Catriona Kelly

Pravda by Edward Docx

The Storks Nest Laura William's captivating memoir of life in a Russian village.