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Jan/Feb 2008

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A Lucky Filmmaker

The Films of Grigory Alexandrov

Art and Destiny

Moiseyev Obituary

Blackened Sea

WWF info on the Black Sea Spill

Celebrating Studenthood

A bit about St. Tatyana

From Julian to Gregory

How Russian Life deals with the Julian calendar

Convert any date into the Julian calendar A cool little web tool.

More on the Julian calendar ...and perhaps more than you might like to know.

Dates of countries' switch A list of countries and when they switched from Julian to Gregorian.

Reconnecting Adoptees

Mary Kirkpatrick's Adoptee Reconnection website

Rostropovich, Chechnya and Pushkin

Rostropovich: The Musical Life of the Great Cellist by Elizabeth Wilson

Getting Russia Right by Dmitry Trenin

One Soldier's War in Chechnya by Arkady Babchenko

The Captain's Daughter by Alexander Pushkin (translated by Robert Chandler)

Six Years That Shook the World

A Short History of the USSR In Russian: a very short overview of the USSR by Alexander Kabakov, for students and those who did not live through it.

The Gorbachev Fund

Chronology Bucknell University's fine Russian site offers this excellent chronology of 20th century events in Russia.

Biography of Nikolai Ryzhkov

Biography of Eduard Shevardnadze

Andreyeva's article The text, in English, of Andreyeva's 1988 article decrying perestroika.

LDPR Website For the latest news on the LDPR and Russia's most persistent presidential candidate, Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Interview with Lukyanov Interesting interview done in October 2007, with another of Lukyanov's poems.

Grigory Yavlinsky's Official Site

Yuri Afanasyev's official site

Interview with Gavriil Popov An interview in 2006 that Popov gave to Ekho Moskvy radio (in Russian). You can also hear the interview here.

Literaturnaya Gazeta website LG is edited by Yuri Polyakov.

Interview with Telman Gdlyan Text and MP3 (in Russian) of an interview Gdlyan gave in 2000 with Ekho Moskvy.

Victor Tsoy and Kino A good first stop to learn more about Tsoy and Kino.

Kabakov's works Full texts of a few of Kabakov's works in Russian.

No Return Buy a used copy of Kabakov's prophetic novel on Amazon.

Sergei Solovyev's filmography

The Jewish King of the Samoyed

More on Da Costa An article, in Russian, by Rosalia Stepanova, on Da Costa.