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Sept/Oct 2007

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An Animating Genius

Pilot Studio Website The animation studio created by Alexander Tatarsky. (In Russian)

Borshch For the Russian Soul

Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis

New Possibilities

Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia

Colonial Russia

Fort Ross Website

Kaluga's Rocket Scientist

Longer Bio of Tsiolkovsky

Russian Worldview, Rafting, and Sophia Tolstaya

A Closeup of the Bashkaus River

Song Without Words by Leah Bendavid-Val, ed.

King of Odessa by Robert A. Rosenstone

Brothers on the Bashkaus by Eugene Buchanan

The Unknown Gulag by Lynne Viola

Ivan the Fool by Andrei Sinyavsky

Saving the Amur Tiger

AMUR The UK organization devoted to saving Russia's Far Eastern Tigers

Sochi 2014: Russia's New National Idea

Official Website

The Poet of Passions

Tsvetaeva's Poetry Online A nice collection of her work in Russian. The translations are a bit spotty, but a good start.

The Death of a Poet

Marina Tsvetaeva; The Double Beat of Heaven and Hell

Vermont Victory

Official Site of Tennis' FedCup