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July/August 2007

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A New Art: Theater and the 18-hour Meal

MKhAT The theater Stanislavsky and Nemirovsky-Danchenko founded is now known as MKhAT. This is the theater's website (in Russian).

A Russian Village in Connecticut

Churaevka on the Map Visit our Google map mashup of Russian America and you can zoom in on the location of Churaevka.

Film Flam

Three T Studio The studio which will release 1612 (site is in Russian).

Philsophy and Architecture

Russian Archiitecture and the West by Dmitri Schwidkovsky

Motherland by Leslie Chamberlain

Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

Solovki Garden

Cannibal Island by Nicolas Werth

Russian Sitka

Russian Alaska Encyclopedic Info A good chronology of Russian colonization of Alaska

The Russian American Company No, not the original one that colonized Alaska, the one that exists today, selling Russian handicrafts, gifts and antiques in Alaska.

Weblog for our Cover Photographer Dave Dapcevitch, who took the cover photo and many of the inside photos of Sitka for our cover story, maintains this blog with lots of his great photos and travels.

The New Archangel Dancers This is the official site for the Sitka dance troupe featured in our story.

Sitka National Park Source of some of the great historical photos for our article, this site has loads of information on Sitka, past and present.

Sitka Travel Guide Our lead article have you thinking about a trip to the former capital of Russian America? Here is a good place to start looking for travel info.

Webcam Visit Sitka without leaving your desk.

The Arbitrary and the Inevitable

The Rite of Spring This features a great Flash video in which Michael Tilson Thomas narrates a primer on the ballet and its significance for world music and culture. Beautifully done.

Stravinsky Biography by Stephen Walsh

The Appolonian Clockwork

The Bug that Brought Russia to its Knees

More on the Beetle More than you probably would ever want to know about the beetle, unless you farm potatoes...

The Grand Illusion

Dostoyevsky's Writer's Diary

The Nabokov Code

Zembla If you are interested in Nabokoviana, this should be your first stop. First rate information, great articles by experts and all very beautifully presented.

Works in Russian Read Nabokov in Russian online.

Nabokov in 90 Minutes

Vladimir Nabokov: The American Years

Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years