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Mar/Apr 2007

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Built on Ice and Bones

Norilsk Nickel The official site of the company

Blacksmith Institute Report ...on pollution in Norilsk.

Exploring the Lower Depths

Moscow and Muscovites Full text of Gilyarovsky's book is online

Stalin's Wars and Stalin's Guerrillas

Stalin's Wars by Geoffrey Roberts

Stalin's Guerillas by Kenneth Slepyan

Make Mine Vodka by Susan Waggoner & Robert Markel

Animated Soviet Propaganda

Night of Denial by Ivan Bunin

Quiet Flows the Don


Surkov's National Idea

Vladislav Surkov A biography of Kremlin ideologist Vladislav Surkov [in Russian]

Surkov's Book A link to a PDF [in Russian] of Surkov's book being used by the Moscow University for the Humanities

Article by Surkov An interesting article by the Kremlin ideologist

Surkov's Secret Speech What the ideologist says behind closed doors.

Vanishing Act

Moscow That Is No More MKN is a non-profit organization of 7 core members that organize various projects, tours, and exhibitions, reaching out to about 200 other Muscovites who regularly participate and contribute information. The LiveJournal community numbers about 1000 members, and 3,500 people subscribe to the mailing list.

MAPS MAPS is an international group that is trying to bring international attention to the destruction of Old Moscow’s treasures. They also act as an informational hub for English speakers, send out bilingual bulletins, and coordinate forums and debates in Russia and abroad.

More Moscow Buildings Disappearing Right on Red Square, more buildings are being disappeared without public hearings or review...