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Jan/Feb 2007

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Russian Table

Russian Foods



Rediscovering Antarctica

The Russian Church in Antartica A picture of this Orthodox church at the end of the world and some information about its builders and parish.

Salt Town

Solikamsk: A Guide to the City

Mikhail Mikhailovich Potapov A page, in Russian, on The Master, Mikhail Mikhailovich Potapov, with samples of his art.

Smoke of the Motherland

Gilmore "Moving East" article Link to the abstract of the Gilmore article, which is available for purchase via this link.

The Execution of Lady Hamilton

Maria Hamilton An article in Russian on Lady Hamilton

Thinking About a Successor

2008 Contenders Our take on the 2008 presidential contenders.

Focusing on the successor A rather humorous and biting critique of the 2008 contenders (in Russian).

Wartime Films and Wartime Spies

Dances in Deep Shadows by Michael Occleshaw

Russian War Films by Denise Youngblood

Jewels of the Tsars by Prince Michael of Greece

Glas: War and Peace

Defiance by Alex Konanykhin

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