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Aug/Sept 1998

Aug/Sept 1998

8: Tolstoy's Art
Mikhail Ivanov
One of the great novelists of Russia and of the world was born 170 years ago. We explore his art and life, and the impact he made on Russian literature.

10: Count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy
Pavel Yakovlev
A short biography of the great writer.

14: Tolstoy's Message
Vitaly Remizov
In the second half of his life, Tolstoy foresook his "frivolous" literary pursuits and sought The Truth about Life. We asked a renowned Tolstoyan to explain why this turned the world against Lev Tolstoy.

18: Who shall judge the judges?
Mikhail Ivanov
Great literary allusions with which to spice up your speech.
Survival Russian

20: The Tank that Turned the Tide
Vladimir Dernovoy
The Russian T-34 tank was critical to Russia's victory at Kursk and through the rest of WWII. A short biography.
Russian Calendar

22: Burying the Romanovs
John Varoli
Tsarism was brought to a close with the burial of the Romanov bones in St. Petersburg on July 17, 1998. But were they the Romanov bones? The controversy continues.

28: A Very Hot Summer in Prague
Roy Medvedev
Three decades ago, Soviet and Warsaw Pact tanks roared into Czechoslovakia. As newly opened archives now reveal, the invasion was neither so swift or successful as originally portrayed.

36: The Long, Strange Trip of Boris Grebenshchikov
Michael M. Bowden
Where we trace the unusual artistic journey of Russia's most famous rock-and-roll star.

44: Moscow Shines for Youth Olympics
Mikhail Ivanov
Eighteen years after the 1980 Summer Olympics, Moscow gets a second chance to shine in the Olympic spotlight.

50: The great bird's milk secret
Mikhail Ivanov
Ptichye moloko -- that famous Russian torte, has its history revealed here. But the recipe remains a secret...

56: Russia, Don't Fade Away
Mikhail Ivanov
Today's Russia is not exactly ripe for a baby boom, but something needs to be done to incentivize families to have children.
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