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Sep/Oct 2000

Sep/Oct 2000

19: The Russian Invasion
Paul E. Richardson and Mikhail Ivanov
Watch out Nashville! These seven, hypertalented young musicians from Obninsk are set to take the American country music world by storm.

24: How does your garden grow?
Mikhail Ivanov
For everything there is a season. And it's time to harvest some garden/dacha-related idioms.
Survival Russian

28: Tuber or Not Tuber
Semyon Ekshtut
The potato, a beloved staple at the Russian table, was first met in Russia with riots and superstition.

32: To Russia With Potatoes
Mikhail Petrov
In Holland, land is expensive and hard to come by. So Steven Lawtiens headed East, to grow potatoes in Russia.

36: Not your everyday potato
Sudar Restaurant
Kartofelnaya zapekanka, a baked casserole with potatoes, onions and mushrooms, is the dish of choice for this issue's recipe page, which is part of our annual Russian Flavors section, focusing this year on potatoes.

37: 125 Russophiles in Search of the Perfect Vodka
Edward Green
So what is this year's best vodka? Here's what 125 Russophiles at our Third Annual International Vodka Taste-Off concluded.

41: Omsk: Siberia's Southern Outpost
William C. Brumfield
Founded on bloodshed, a crossroads for exiles and a crucible of the Civil War, this Siberian city is now a model of diversity and perserverence.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


50: The Poet from the Black List
Lidia Melnikova
Alexander Chyorny is a poet often hidden by the shadow of Pushkin and other "greats." Yet his work deserves much more attention.

53: House No. 1
Mikhail Ivanov
One hundred years ago, ground was broken for Moscow's Hotel National, a veritable institution with an incomparable view of the Kremlin.

64: How Beer Can Save Russia
Mikhail Ivanov
The title says it all. Beer is making a comeback in Russia, and one can hope that vodka consumption will take a hit.
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