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March 1996

March 1996

4: Loyal Wives, Virtuous Mothers
Katherine E. Young
Once embraced by Soviet authorities as a celebration of women's liberation under communism, International Women's Day (March 8) stands stripped of ideology, but not consequence. Our author takes the occasion to ask women about their role in the new Russia.

16: The Untold Story: Hillary Clinton & Naina Yeltsin
Helen Boldyreff Semler
While their husbands dismantled the Cold War in the late 1980s, Nancy Reagan and Raisa Gorbachev were waging a very visible one on their own. Less well known is the low key though active friendship between current First Ladies Hillary Rodham Clinton and Naina Yeltsin.

19: Of Tickets, Hares and Dozing Fathers
Mikhail Ivanov
Useful phrases and idioms from the world of metros, trolleybuses and other public transport.
Survival Russian

20: Study Russia
Corin Cummings
From intensive immersion programs to laid back educational tours, opportunities to Study Russian language and culture have never been so varied or accessible.

28: Your Chariot Awaits: Public Transport in Russia
Scott D. McDonald
Getting around in the metro and trolleybuses. Tips and information.
Practical Traveler

32: Hold the Maple Syrup: These are Bliny
Yelena Utenkova
They may not seem that remarkable on the surface, but bliny, when cooked right, are light and heavenly. Here's how to cook the up right, plus a bit of the folklore about what makes them so important to Russians.