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June/July 1999

June/July 1999

20: My Pushkin, Our Pushkin
Mikhail Ivanov
There are many Pushkins. But only Russia can truly claim him as its own. For Pushkin made Russian literature what it is. Included in this piece are amazing photos from films based on Pushkin's works, plus excerpts, in Russian and English, from his most famous works.

32: Swearing, by Japanese God!
Mikhail Ivanov
A few discrete lessons in Russian curses.
Survival Russian

34: The Poet's Fate
Elaine Feinstein
Alexander Pushkin's work was inextricably bound up with his personal life and with his tragic death, foretold in his masterpiece, Yevgeny Onegin.

40: Two worth an eaten egg
Caviar stuffed eggs and an Egg & Cheese Salad are the two egg dishes in question.

42: Pushkin's Estates
William C. Brumfield
Pskov region's three estates associated with Pushkin were more than a quiet place for the poet to create; they also offered material for his muse.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


48: Safe Haven: A Moscow Church Reclaims its Mission
Irina Dakhnovskaya Lawton
Amidst all Russia's problems and challenges, there are some heartening success stories. This is one: the resurrection of Moscow's Church of St. Dmitry and the caring men and women who are rebuilding its mission.

53: Three Books Reviewed
We review four new books: Moscow Rediscovered, Pushkin: A Biography, Pushkin's Button, and Chronicle of the Russian Tsars.
Under Review

56: Is a New Cold War Brewing?
Paul E. Richardson and Mikhail Ivanov
Where we interview Sergei Rogov, a top Russian expert and government advisor, on the past, present and future of US-Russian relations.

64: Doing it His Way
Paul E. Richardson and Mikhail Ivanov
Boris Yeltsin in a flurry of activity while the Duma tries to impeach him. Little did we know he would only be in office a few more months...
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