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Oct/Nov 1999

Oct/Nov 1999

19: Pushkin's Heir
Semyon Ekshtut
Mikhail Lermontov is often called "Russia's second greatest poet," after Alexander Pushkin. And there is more that the quality of their art in common between the two writers.

34: Pulling the blanket to one's side
Mikhail Ivanov
Prisoner lingo and the language of thieves takes center stage.
Survival Russian

36: Royal Road Rally Aids Burn Center
Simon Joseph
England's Prince Michael recently led a road rally from England to Russia to raise money for a Children's Burn Center. Not so remarkable? Well, the cars dated almost from the time of the Prince's relative, Russia's last tsar.

37: Crime & Punishment: Russia's Prison System
John Varoli
Russia's prison system houses more prisoners per capita than any other nation on Earth. And the system's problems are as old and pernicious as when it was founded 120 years ago.

40: The Silent Killer
John Varoli
A look at the threat of TB in Russia's prisons and beyond.

48: A 400 gold ruble salmon
Sudar Restaurant
Drunken salmon is a superb appetizer that dates from the time of Empress Anna Ioannovna.

50: Finns Take Title in 2nd Int'l Vodka Taste Off
Stephanie Ratmeyer
Results from the second Russian Life Taste Off in Northfield Vermont.

52: Tozhok: Provincial Treasure
William C. Brumfield
The river town of Torzhok has weathered the centuries amazingly well. William Brumfield takes us on a tour.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


59: Three books
Paul E. Richardson
Three books are reviewed: Who Killed Kirov?, Yeltsin's Russia, and The Post-Soviet Handbook.
Under Review

64: Duma Election Cheat Sheet
A graphical overview of the coming Duma election.
Post Script