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Jan/Feb 2002

Jan/Feb 2002

20: A Rollicking Good Holiday Chicken
Petrov Vodkin
This ornate chicken dish, Kurnik Zalikhvatsky, is a once a year type of dish. But one you'll remember all year round.

22: Promises, Promises
Mikhail Ivanov
Words of promise, deception, lies and happiness.
Survival Russian

23: Leading Russians
In the seventin our series of profiles of Russia's present and future leaders, we profile athletes, doctors, an activist, a publisher, a judge and more (including ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, pictured on our cover). The rest of the world will hear about many of these young leaders of Russia in the years ahead. You get to mee them now.

42: Duck Devil and Little Wolf
Christine Seashore
It's not every day one is invited on a pilgrimage by a Siberian shaman. Which is how Christine Seashore and John Turk ended up roaming Kamchatka's frozen tundra in search of an elusive pack of reindeer. Oh, and then there is the interesting bit about the mountain bikes...

52: Vodka in the Berkshires
For the first time, the annual Russian Life Vodka Taste Off and Taste of Russia Dinner was held outside of Vermont, in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts. A sumptuous feast, a friendly crowd, and a fortuitous evening snowstorm turned the early December event into a weekend to remember.

55: Liberty
Mikhail Butov
We look back on the first decade of a Free Russia with this Literary Excerpt from Mikhail Butov's award-winning novel, Liberty. Butov offers a poignant and humorous portrait of his generation's coming of age after the collapse of the Soviet empire.

61: Russia's Olympic Hopefuls
Mikhail Ivanov
A brief look at Russia's brightest hopes for Olympic Gold in Salt Lake City this winter.

64: A Farewell to Shock Therapy
Mikhail Ivanov
A look back at the reforms of the past decade, on the tenth anniversary of "shock therapy."
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