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January 1996

January 1996

4: Sailing with the Sun: The Return of Christmas
Katherine E. Young
Like everything else in Russia, the celebration of Christmas is in transition. Our author traces the turbulent history of Russia's Christmas and New Year's holidays.

9: The Irony of Fate
Katherine E. Young
A profile of Russians' favorite holiday movie, "The Irony of Fate."

10: The Art of the Tusovka
Oleg Pshenichny
World famous entertainers, huge crowds, expensive tickets. It looks like a western-style concert spectacular -- only something's different. Russia's nascent mass entertainment industry will require a "getting acquainted" period for both fans and performers.

13: A Few False Friends
Mikhail Ivanov
A look at words that sound like English words, but mean nothing like what they sound like.
Survival Russian

14: For Love & Money
Mikhail Ivanov
Tennis is Russia's new sports craze. Freed of the stigma of "individualism" that was a taboo in Soviet times, it is now the sport of choice of the political elite.

18: The Heart and Hearth of Wooden Toys
Colleen Combes
A look at the wonderful folk art of wood carving that grew up in and around the ancient village of Bogorodskoye.

20: Riding the Russian Rails
Scott D. McDonald
Tips and information on riding Russia's railways, for short or long trips.
Practical Traveler

24: A Salad by any other name
Yelena Utenkova
Empires and goverments may rise and fall, but Stolichny salad persists.