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Sep/Oct 2002

Sep/Oct 2002

22: Putin's Russia
Tatyana Netreba
On the occasion of President Vladimir Putin's 50th birthday, we look back at how far Russia has come since January 1, 2000, and where it appears to be going.

30: Up from the Kommunalka
Boris Khodorkovsky
We take you to the Venice of the North, on a private tour of the president's St. Petersburg homes and haunts, from the hospital he was born in, to the homes he lived in.

36: Kremlin Wife
Tatyana Netreba
Lyudmuila Putina, the president's wife, has chosen to keep a decidedly low profile. We reveal why in this insider's portrait of Russia's most powerful woman.

40: Match to the Death
Nikolai Dolgopolov
In WWII, in Nazi-occupied Kiev, local soccer stars were forced to play several matches against Nazi teams. The price for winning was death; for losing the price was even worse ...

46: Four Books
We review four new books: The Secret Plot to Save the Tsar, A Year of Russian Feasts, The Shaman's Coat: A Native History of Siberia, and Beau monde from A to Z.
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48: Russian New York
Frank Caso
In this second article in our series, Russian-America, we visit the largest "pocket" of Russian emigration in North America.

57: Peculiarities of Russia's National Mushroom Hunt
Mikhail Ivanov
Come late August through early September and millions of Russians begin streaming into the woods in search of the beloved meat of the forest. Here we offer a profile of their obsession...

61: Life with Mushroom
Mikhail Ivanov
A look at how the mushroom has invaded the Russian tongue.
Survival Russian

62: Marinated Mushrooms
Catherine Cheremeteff Jones
How to prepare those wild mushrooms in your korzina...

64: Tired of a glamorous life
Mikhail Ivanov
"Glamurny" and other English invasions are perverting the Russian language. Or are they?
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