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19 November 2018

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November 1995

November 1995

3: Sowing Reason, Goodness and Eternal Values
Vera Ilyukhina
A look at the state of education in Russia today.

6: Gorky Park
Stephanie Heimann
A photo feature of summer activities in Gorky Park, Moscow.
Photo Feature

8: You Look Like a Cucumber and other compliments
Mikhail Ivanov
Colloquial compliments to offer Russian colleagues.
Survival Russian

9: Very Short Stories
Anatoli Gavrilov
Five very short stories by Russian writer Anatoli Gavrilov: The Apprentice, Dacha, The Old Woman and the Idiot, Rose, The Hen, and The Album.
Literary Insert

14: A tribute to the most Russian of poets
A new monument is unveiled to the memory of Sergei Yesenin. We offer a very short look at the beauty of his poetry.

18: Pagans in a Forest Wilderness
Robert Greenall
A trip to the Republic of Mari El a rural and ancient culture just a few hundred kilometers from Moscow on the banks of the Volga.

20: Is There a Future for the Past?
Colleen Combes
A visit to the open air museums of the Russian North: Kizhi and Maliye Karely.

23: Exploding the Myths
Six money myths about travel to Russia exploded.
Practical Traveler