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Aug/Sep 1999

Aug/Sep 1999

11: Tee Time for Russia
Mikhail Ivanov
A look at the boomlet in golf in Russia.

18: Karelia: Where the Northern Rivers Run
Galina Skvortsova
What better place to spend August than Russia's Great Green North? In this, the first of three articles devoted to Karelia, we explore the region's history and culture.

31: Paanajarvi: Ancient Wilderness
Stephanie Hitztaler and Nastya Protasova
Far in the northwest corner of Karelia is a place little affected by human activity. Paanajarvi National Park struggles to stay green, yet operate in the black.

34: Beat the heat, go green!
Letny salat, a simple Russian green salad, showcases the fresh harvest from the dacha.

36: Drag yourself to this!
Mikhail Ivanov
The lingo you need to know to understand talk about Russian music.
Survival Russian

37: Kizhi: An Island of History
William C. Brumfield
A popular stopover for river cruises, Kizhi island in Karelia is an astonishingly beautiful preserve of some of Russia's best wooden architecture.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


44: The Century's Son
Mikhail Ivanov
At 99, Boris Yefimov has seen it all. From Leon Trotsky to Boris Berezovsky. In this interview, he tells amazing stories of our century.

53: A Widow's Legacy
Valentina Kolesnikova
Out of the tragedy that was Margarita Tuchkova's life came the Spaso-Borodinsky Convent and Church. Today, the convent is a center for a beautiful art form: sewn icons.

64: Holiday Mania
Mikhail Ivanov
How many holidays does one country need?
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