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June/July 1998

June/July 1998

10: Adopting from Russia: A War of Perceptions
Corin Cummings
Our cover story examines one part of Russia's huge and complex problem with orphans: the several thousand Russian children adopted by foreigners each year.

18: Rubbing Salt in Peasants' Wounds
Valentina Kolesnikova
350 years ago, on June 12, 1648, a huge revolt against taxes flared up in Russia. Here is why it did not lead to democracy...
Russian Calendar

20: Saratov: Vanguard of the Volga
Paul E. Richardson and Mikhail Ivanov
Where we visit a southern region in Russia that is making a name for itself and interview the man who some (including President Yeltsin) are calling the "next president of Russia."

24: The Volga Germans
Paul E. Richardson
A short history of the Volga Germans, from Catherine the Great to the present.

31: Tsar-Struck
Mikhail Ivanov
Euphemisms and phrases imbued with tsarist power...
Survival Russian

32: The Tsar of Russian fish
Osetrina po-Tsarsky -- sturgeon prepared in the tsarist manner. What more need be said?

33: Imperial Outpost
Jim Curtis
A look at The Museum of the Imperial in Moscow.

35: Ferapontov: Medieval Stronghold, Modern Treasure
William C. Brumfield
Secreted away in a little-known monastery in Northern Russia are some art treasures of incomparable worth.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


42: Finding the Best Morozhenoye
Lisa Butenhoff
Russian love ice cream as much as Americans. We decided to find out which home grown variety is best, and how it is standing up against foreign invaders.
Practical Traveler

48: Life Beyond Moscow
Paul E. Richardson
"Strong center -- strong regions" is the new buzz phrase in Russia. Here's why it won't work.
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