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May 1998

May 1998

8: In Search of Russia's Strong Sex
Anna Hoare
Supermen, spoiled, or a little of both? In this month's cover story, we look at the place of men in Russia today.

18: Revisiting Stalin
Anna Hoare
Where we review "The Thief", the new Russian film about men that received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film.

22: A Veteran's Tale
T. Randall Black
A profile of 80 year old Svetlana Pavlovna Voronova, hero of the Second World War.

25: The Barin of Russian Marxism
Valentina Kolesnikova
A profile of the revolutionary theorist who was Lenin's mentor, Georgy Plekhanov
Russian Calendar

26: Golden Opportunities
Oksana Voronova
A profile of a small workshop in the Urals, in Zlatoust, that has become world famous for its production of fine ornamental swords and other memorabilia.

30: A soup by any other name
Pokhlebka is a tasty beef stew served piping hot.

31: Talking man-to-man
Mikhail Ivanov
An impressive bunch of muzhik-related phrases and idioms.
Survival Russian

32: The Prince and the Empress
Nikolai Pavlenko
A biography of Catherine the Great's favorite and the noted diplomat, Grigory Potemkin.

44: Sleeping on the Cheap
A couple of inexpensive Moscow hotels and homestay organizations, as recommended by a couple of Russia travel experts.
Practical Traveler

48: Latvia's Terrible Error
Mikhail Ivanov
Russia and Latvia have had strained relations of late due to the latter country's treatment of Russians living in Latvia, and due to lost memories of WWII.
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