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March 1998

March 1998

8: Russian Women: An Awesome Force
Mikhail Ivanov
A look at how Russian women strive to look good, while balancing between the old spiritual traditions of Mother Russia and the multiple temptations of modern times.

16: There's no beauty in beauty contests
Mikhail Ivanov
An interview with artist Alexander Shilov.

18: Mother of the Tsar
Roy Medvedev
A look at what is known about the life and influence of Stalin's mother, Yekaterina Dzhugashvili.

25: Berdyaev and the Russian Idea
Valentina Kolesnikova
A profile of one of 20th century Russia's preeminent philsophers.
Russian Calendar

33: Dancing to Survive
Anna Hoare
A look at the artistic genius and life of dancer Rudolf Nureyev, five years after his death.

36: Ballet's Prodigal Genius
Mikhail Ivanov
Famed ballet star Andris Liyepa talks with Russian Life about Rudolph Nureyev.

38: Linguistic escapades in lingua Russe
Mikhail Ivanov
French invasions into the Russian language.
Survival Russian

39: The Big Kolyma Streetcar
Elena Glinka
A documentary account of the harrowing trials faced by women sent to Stalin's gulags.

43: Dishes to wow the women
Yelena Utenkova
Two dishes that are great for celebrating women's day (with the men cooking!): Beef with prunes and Pork with prune sauce.

45: Bringing Home the Gifts
Anna Hoare
How to shop for some unique and valued Russian gifts to bring back home to friends.
Practical Traveler

48: Why Should I Love Boris Nikolaevich?
Mikhail Ivanov
It may be sad to see Russia's "weight" in world affairs diminished. But if that is part of the price of doing away with a system that birthed Stalin, so be it.
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