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September 1995

September 1995

1: Read it and believe it
Where to find English reading material in the capital.
Practical Traveler

3: Open Sesame, Russian Style
Mikhail Ivanov
Great phrases to open conversational and other doors in Russian.
Survival Russian

4: The Power of Satire
Milana Belyaeva
The popular TV program "Kukly" has plenty of fans, but, unfortunately, also a few critics in high places. A look at this offbeat satirical program.

6: Russia's A Team
Yelena Loriya
A profile of Russia's elite "Alpha" group--a covert task force designed to counter high level security threats.

8: The Greening of Russia
Yelena Revazova
Our cover story, on the history of and challenges facing Russia's green movement, in particular Greenpeace Russia.

10: Kalmykia: Where East Really Meets West
Robert Greenall
A profile of the republic of Kalmykia, which separates Russia from the Caucasus.

12: Lenin's Last Stand
Katherine E. Young
A visit to Gorkiye Leninskiye, where Lenin died. Once the most sacred of Soviet sites, it has since fallen on hard times.