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May 1997

May 1997

4: Russia, Take Heart
Mikhail Ivanov
An examination of Russia's ailing healthcare system, through the lens of Moscow's elite Bakulev Center. Bakulev is one of the best heart hospitals in all Russia. So why is the paint peeling and who do doctors and nurses moonlight? If this is the best, what of the rest?

6: A Plague Ignored
Carlota Zimmerman
What is Russia doing, or not doing about the AIDS pandemic?

12: The Couture of Power
Nikolai Pavlenko
Elizabeth I (1741-1761) loved horseback riding, carousing and building palaces, but not ruling. Meet the daughter of Peter the Great.

17: The Body Politic
Roy Medvedev
A revealing retrospective on Russian leaders' health, from Lenin to Yeltsin -- what they have sought to cover up, and why.

22: It's spring, say thank you to the Party!
Mikhail Ivanov
The first of two weather-related columns collects together phrases and idioms in Russian on spring and summer.
Survival Russian

25: A Tradition Sadly Fading
A look at the history of the Russian Red Cross, which celebrates its 130th anniversary in May 1997.
Russian Calendar

26: The Blue Pearl of Siberia
Gary Wescott and Monika Wescott
There is no place on earth to compare with Lake Baikal. Explore its shores in this, the third installment in the Westcott's saga about their drive across Russia.

32: How Friendly the Sky?
How safe are Russia's skies? This installment of the Practical Traveler takes an in -depth look and offers suggestions on how to travel more safely.
Practical Traveler

36: Poor Man's Caviar
Yelena Utenkova
When you can't afford beluga, try eggplant caviar. It's a treat that will spice up any party.