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April 1997

April 1997

4: The Yeast of Russia
Rachel Blustain
Few national or religious groups have had as profound or controversial a role in Russian history as the Jews. Rachel Blustain provides a look at this history and reports on the state of Russian Jewry today.

12: Impressions of a Russian Van Gogh
Mikhail Ivanov
An interview with Russian impressionist artist Aron Buch, sometimes called the Russian Van Gogh.

15: He who laughs last ...
Mikhail Ivanov
Phrases and idioms about humor, laughing and jokes.
Survival Russian

16: Reforming Russia: Stolypin's Legacy
Konstantin Shatsillo
Equal parts revolutionary and reactionary, Pyotr Stolypin is once again the focus of Russian reformers. Almost 100 years after his important reforms, we look back at their impact and interpretation.

23: One single, marvelous instant
Valentina Kolesnikova
An article commemorating the 36th anniversary of the flight of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. With biographical information and thoughts on the importance of the flight.

24: Winter Roads of Siberia
Gary Wescott and Monika Wescott
This is the second installment in a five part series on driving across Siberia. In this article, the Westcotts drive south on the Lena river, with spring warming their heels (and creating a mess of the Winter Roads).

30: Off Russia's Beaten Path
A look at adventure travel in Russia today, with lists of tours and firms and their offerings. Plus things to consider before "making the leap."
Practical Traveler

32: A dissident's dessert
Yelena Utenkova
Paskha Cheesecake is a spring treat was banned in the Stalin era. But now it is back in all of its rich glory.