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20 November 2018

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Sep/Oct 2018

Sep/Oct 2018
Cover: Yelena Khovanskaya

4: Thanks Giving
Paul E. Richardson
One week before our 33-day crowdfunding campaign was set to end on July 31, things were not looking good. But then the Tribe stepped up.

7: Hired Guns
The Editors
The deaths in July under mysterious circumstances of three Russian journalists in the Central African Republic (CAR) has refocused attention on Russian mercenaries in foreign lands.

16: Jumping Ship
The Editors
This summer Russia’s biggest rock music festival, Nashestvie, faced cancellations by a number of artists who were protesting the festival’s increasing cooperation with the Russian military.

21: September and October
Tamara Eidelman
Stepping through hundreds of years of history, we look back at signal events that have occurred in these fall months.
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov


28: What's So Funny?
Michelle A. Berdy
After declensions, cases, aspect, verbs of motion, pronunciation, and all the other trials of the Russian language, there is one more thing to learn: quotes, jokes and allusions. Let's do this.
:: Illustrations/Images by Victor Bogorad

Survival Russian

29: Get a Grip!
Yuliya Ballou
In this issue’s Uchites, we look at common Russian idioms and the challenges of translating them into English.

30: Survivors
Yelena Khovanskaya
In which the author visits Kalmykia to meet with survivors of a horrific genocide few remember.
:: Translation by Paul E. Richardson
:: Illustrations/Images by Yelena Khovanskaya


44: Two Fishing Tales
Darya Grebenshchikova
Fishing can tell you a lot about life in the countryside, about sickness and health, chance and Fate, to say nothing of electricity and sausage
:: Translation by Liv Bliss
:: Illustrations/Images by Asya Lisina

Rural Life

46: Great Terroir
Paul E. Richardson
We interview a winemaker and philanthropist related to Rachmaninov, and explore her Tolstoyan connection to Californian soil.

50: The Rockets' Red Glare
Nonna Working
In 1992, a famous American dancer visited the formerly closed seaport of Vladivostok. Then everything blew up.

60: Fungus Among Us
Marina Pustilnik
It's fall, which means mushroom season, which means time to get hunting. And cooking some Chanterelle-Apricot Muffins.
:: Illustrations/Images by Paul E. Richardson


62: Six Books
Paul E. Richardson
We review books of fiction (Chekhov, Remizov, the Brothers Strugatsky, and Anderson) and an enticing cookbook.
Under Review