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Jan/Feb 2017

Jan/Feb 2017
Cover: Vitaly Berkov

4: Two Quotes for 2017
Paul E. Richardson
Two quotes that point up the duality of being a Russophile these days.

5: Letters to the Editors
Readers sound off on Russian Life and offer input on Rasputin and NATO.

7: Solving a Murder
The Editors
Denis Karagodin solved the case of the murder of his great grandfather.

16: Culture Clash
The Editors
Leading lights (and some not so leading) clash over the scope of government interference in the arts.

19: 1917 Diary
Tamara Eidelman
In which we relive the events of 1917 through the words, memories and actions of some of the main players: politicians, artists, and entrepreneurs.
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov


26: The Year in Words
Michelle A. Berdy
A look back at the most popular and/or infamous words and phrases of 2016.
:: Illustrations/Images by Victor Bogorad

Survival Russian

27: Maslenitsa
Natalia Gogolitsyna
A few readings on maslenitsa to carry us from winter into spring.

28: Sea Hunt
Russell Working
At the southeastern-most tip of Russia, where it butts up against China and North Korea, there is a beautiful marine preserve. And there are also poachers.
:: Illustrations/Images by Vitaly Berkov

Social Issues

36: Sheshurino, Boy & Mishka Sparrowlegs
Darya Grebenshchikova
Our first of several visits to a remote village, through the eyes of Darya Grebenshchikova.
:: Illustrations/Images by Asya Lisina

Rural Life

39: History Through the Eyes of Three Monuments
Natalya Beskhlebnaya
In which we look at the history of Russia through the eyes of three very different monuments in the capital: Pushkin, Dzerzhinsky & Vorovsky.
:: Translation by Eugenia Sokolskaya
:: Illustrations/Images by Mikhail Mordasov


46: Ivan's Return
Howard Amos
Every nation builds monuments to those who symbolize the best the country has produced. Yet sometimes there is wide disagreement on what “best” means.

52: The Museum of Forgotten Music
Anastasia Byrka
A museum in Voronezh, known to very few local residents, has become a storehouse for forgotten but beloved Russian folk instruments.
:: Illustrations/Images by Ivan Nenashev


58: An Airy Dessert
Yulia Atayeva
A new year, a new dessert!
:: Illustrations/Images by Yulia Atayeva


61: Two Gentlemen, Two Novels
Paul E. Richardson
Reviews of A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, The Summer Guest by Alison Anderson. Also short reviews of The Man with the Poison Gun by Serhii Plokhy, Bears in the Streets by Lisa Dickey, and Hard Times by Vasily Sleptsov.

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Under Review

64: Monument Men
Alexander Mozhayev
A look at how art, politics and culture mix on the monumental stage that is Moscow.
:: Translation by Paul E. Richardson