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Spring 2016

Spring 2016
Cover: Ivan Oshchepkov

Issue Theme: Treasure Hunting

6: Secret Treasures
Nina Shevchuk-Murray
In introduction to the issue.

13: Treasure
Vladimir Berezin
A rumination on the nature of treasure in literature.
:: Translation by Nina Shevchuk-Murray


25: The Covetous Knight
Alexander Pushkin
Pushkin's play about familial deceit, betrayal and love of treasure.
:: Translation by A.F.B. Clark


43: The Robber Prince
Alexander Kosarev
A modern treasure hunter recounts a curious episode...
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov


51: Underground Moscow
Gleb Alexeyev
A pair of adventurous souls and the long lost treasure of Ivan's Library.
:: Translation by Paul E. Richardson


64: The Rooster and the Pearl
Ivan Krylov
A fool deems useless what he cannot understand.
:: Translation by Lydia Razran Stone


66: The Squirrel
Ivan Krylov
Where does all this striving get us?
:: Translation by Lydia Razran Stone


69: Trash
Oleg Korionov
One man's trash is another's treasure.
:: Translation by Olga Kuzmina


75: The Little Golden Calf
Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov
Chapter one of the award-winning translation of this classic novel of treasure hunting and cons.
:: Translation by Anne O. Fisher


91: The Unworthy Knight
Kir Bulychev
When you awaken the past, it is bound mess with the present, to say nothing of the future.
:: Translation by Nina Shevchuk-Murray


133: The Case of the Toy Iron and the Ice Cream
Irina Polyanskaya
Sometimes what we hold dear is far less important than we think.
:: Translation by Deborah Hoffman


142: A Meditation
Mikhail Lermontov
:: Translation by Lydia Razran Stone and Laurence Bogoslaw