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Winter 2016

Winter 2016
Cover: Mikhail Mordasov

Issue Theme: Military Tales

6: Literature of War
Elena Pedigo Clark
An introduction to the issue.

17: Zadonshchina
Sofony of Ryazan
An ancient heroic tale.
:: Translation by Serge Zenkovsky


32: Ode on the Capture of Khotlin
Mikhail Lomonosov
:: Translation by From the Ends to the Beginning

36: Dream
Mikhail Lermontov
:: Translation by Alexander Levitsky

39: Sevastopol in December
Lev Tolstoy
An excerpt from Tolstoy's classic account of the Crimean War.
:: Translation by Isabel Hapgood


57: Four Days
Vsevolod Garshin
A soldier fighting in the Turkish war comes face to face with one of his victims and cannot escape.
:: Translation by Roland Smith


73: Crossing the Zbrucz
Isaac Babel
:: Translation by Boris Dralyuk

77: Gedali
Isaac Babel
:: Translation by Boris Dralyuk

83: Katya
Yevgeny Petrov
A memoir of an extraordinary woman from World War II.
:: Translation by Elena Pedigo Clark


93: Nurse
Svetlana Alexievich
A profoundly moving story of a modern war nurse in Afghanistan, by the Nobel Prize winning author.
:: Translation by Julia and Robin Whitby


101: The Runway
Arkady Babchenko
A recruit's account from the front lines in Chechnya.
:: Translation by Nick Allen


121: In Crimea
Alexei Bayer
An excerpt from the forthcoming, third, novel in Bayer's Matyushkin mystery series, looks back at the Russian Civil War in Crimea.