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Nov/Dec 2014

Nov/Dec 2014
Cover: Nikolai Gernet

4: Idols and Anniversaries
Paul E. Richardson
The Wall and Iron Felix may be gone, but one important thing never happened, which explains plenty about modern Russian politics.

7: The New
Maria Antonova
While Russia encourages "federalization" in Ukraine, it is jailing persons who dare call for decentralization at home, even if they are only using humor to make a point.
Note Book

18: Season of Scandals
Maria Antonova
As summer turned into fall, a series of highly public spats broke out in Russia, with celebrities and cultural figures demonstrating deeply polarized attitudes about the crisis in Ukraine, the Kremlin, and history.
Social Issues

21: The Great Wrong Turn
Tamara Eidelman
A look back at the proclamation of Collectivization, in November 1929, leading essentially to the reinstatement of serfdom in Russia.
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov


23: Catherine's Medal
Tamara Eidelman
On December 7, 1714, Peter I established a new medal named after his wife. This was a rather special medal...
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov


24: The Forgotten Winter War
Tamara Eidelman
You won't find much about the Russo-Finnish War (1939-40) in Russian history books.
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov


25: Kirov's Murder
Tamara Eidelman
On December 1, 1934, the USSR was shocked by the murder of Sergei Kirov, leader of Leningrad. But there was far worse yet to come.
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov


28: The English Invasions
Michelle A. Berdy
Russia may have become staunchly anti-Western, but it would be very hard to say the same thing about the language.
:: Illustrations/Images by Victor Bogorad

Survival Russian

29: Stepping Back in Time
Nikolai Gernet
Kenozersky National Park is a portal back in time, where the ways of life, traditions, and beliefs are those of many decades before.
:: Translation by Paul E. Richardson


34: The Wall: 25 Years Since Mauerfall
Nick Allen
Twenty-five years ago this month, the Berlin Wall was felled by a bureaucrat's misstatement. But then again the Wall was never on the side of history.

42: Word for Word
Lilianna Lungina
Lilianna Lungina was a leading literary translator in the Soviet Union. Her autobiography was a huge bestseller in Russia and is finally appearing in English. We present a short excerpt.
:: Translation by Polly Gannon


46: The Museum of All Things
Natalia Kopaneva
Founded by Peter the Great, St. Petersburg's Kunstkamera is one of the world's oldest museums. Intended as a storehouse and library of all the world's knowledge, it has been both more and less than that.
:: Translation by Eugenia Sokolskaya


54: Leniniana
Joy Neumeyer
It is likely no individual has had more graven public images cast of him than Vladimir Lenin. Recently, a Moscow exhibition delved into the early Soviet regime's search for the "perfect" Lenin, revealing plenty of rejected versions.

60: A Russo-Finnish Delicacy
Darra Goldstein
Tyanushki - hot caramel sauce - over cranberries is a perfect treat as fall sets in.
:: Illustrations/Images by Alexander Sherstobitov


62: Memoirs and History
Paul E. Richardson
A review of Elena Gorokhova's memoir, Russian Tatoo, The Devil's Alliance, by Roger Moorhouse, and The Kreutzer Sonata Variations, translated by Michael Katz. Also, a look at the amazing photo album book, Soviet Ghosts, by Rebecca Litchfield.
Under Review

64: Goodbye Lenin?
The Editors
Lenin statues have been taking a beating lately, especially in Ukraine.
Social Issues