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Summer 2013

Summer 2013
Cover: Alyona Goncharova

Issue Theme: Women Writing

6: Women Writing
Olga Kuzmina
On the incredible diversity and prescience of Russian women writers.

15: There is No Night
Ksenia Buksha
"At the end of a dead-end street in the outskirts there stands a little maternity ward..."
:: Translation by Anne O. Fisher

Family Life

26: Several Positions
Maria Stepanova
:: Translation by Sibelan Forrester

29: The Women of Lazarus
Marina Stepnova
An excerpt from the award-winning novel of the lifelong friendship between a childless couple and a troubled genius.
:: Translation by Polly Gannon


37: Leningrad Directory of Writers at the Front
Polina Barskova
A series of poignant poetical portraits of writers and poets who worked in Leningrad during the Seige.
:: Translation by Catherine Ciepiela


51: Children of the Underground
Ludmila Ulitskaya
An excerpt from Ulitskaya's powerful novel Under the Green Tent, about the experiences of the Thaw generation.
:: Translation by Bela Shayevich


61: Cabiria of the Bypass Canal
Marina Palei
Excerpt from this important novel, which is a standout example of "strongly articulated female subjectivity."
:: Translation by Thomas Oles


81: Two Poems
Aigerim Tazhi
:: Translation by J. Kates

83: The Smoker
Mariam Petrosyan
An excerpt from this novel of an orphanage for handicapped children, which caused a sensation when published in 2009.
:: Translation by Andrew Bromfield


99: Little Green Men
Tatiana Shcherbina
:: Translation by J. Kates

101: Prisoner of the Caucasus
Yulia Yuzik
Excerpt from a longer unpublished work about a writer trying to reconcile her awe for the Caucasus with her disgust for its female terrorists.
:: Translation by Deborah Hoffman


112: Inventory of Things Left Behind
Liana Alaverdova
:: Translation by Lydia Razran Stone

115: The Wenceslas Monument
Polina Klyukina
A poignant story of emigration, family and connection.
:: Translation by Deborah Hoffman

Family Life

122: Without Names
Elizaveta Aleksandrova-Zorina
You can never truly understand what goes on inside another couple's relationship.
:: Translation by Lisa Hayden

Sex & Relationships