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Jan/Feb 2008

Jan/Feb 2008

7: Blackened Sea
Maria Antonova
A sea storm in the Strait of Kerch sank or damaged a total of 12 ships in November, killing six sailors and releasing over 3000 tons of fuel oil and 6.5 thousand tons of sulfur into the water...
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17: Celebrating Studenthood
Tamara Eidelman
A look at the history and practice of St. Tatyana's Day, the day each year which students celebrate their studenthood.
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov

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20: A Lucky Filmmaker
Tamara Eidelman
Grigory Alexandrov, born 1903, was a pathbreaking filmmaker who enjoyed incredible success and fame for his first three films, but it was a fame he never recaptured.
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov

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22: From Julian to Gregory
Tamara Eidelman
Eighty years ago, Russia finally adopted the Gregorian calendar. Well, almost. The ROC never got on board and then there is history to deal with, and its difficult 12-day gap.
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov

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24: The 25-year Coat
Mikhail Ivanov
The acquisition of a shuba for his wife on their 25th anniversary leads Ivanov down a trail littered with fish and tsars...
:: Illustrations/Images by Victor Bogorad

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26: Six Years That Shook the World
Marina Latysheva
In which we look back at the heroes and Herods of the era of perestroika, tracking many of them down, to see where life has taken them these last 20 years.

37: The Jewish King of the Samoyed
Lev Berdnikov
He was a Jew who fled Portugal, failed at business in Hamburg and ended up in Russia. So of course he was the logical choice to become Peter the Great's new King of the Samoyed.

44: Reconnecting Adoptees
Irina Titova
Russia remains one of America's largest sources of foreign adoption. Now, after more than a decade of cross-cultural adoptions, thousands of children from Russia are bound to begin wondering about their roots. Some, in fact, are already digging.

50: Confessions of an Illegal
Nikolai Dolgopolov
He lived secretly in the West under deep cover, working in offices, at dry cleaners, as a trade representative. He gathered intelligence deemed critical to the Soviet state. Now, he's talking to us.

60: Of Tatyana, Comets and Champagne
Darra Goldstein
A consideration of fashionable foods from Onegin's era, and particularly Russian and French champagnes of a particular vintage.

61: Rostropovich, Chechnya and Pushkin
Paul E. Richardson
A review of recent books on Mstislav Rostropovich, Chechnya and the future of Russia, plus a new translation of Pushkin's The Captain's Daughter.
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64: Art and Destiny
Irina Dragunskaya
A look at the life and achievements of Igor Moiseyev, and its uncanny parallels with that of Leni Riefenstahl.
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