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Nov/Dec 2005

Nov/Dec 2005

16: Alexandrovo Sloboda
Tamara Eidelman
A history of Ivan the Terrible's retreat to a little village outside Moscow, where he set up the oprichniki and razed boyar power.
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov

Russian Calendar

18: Alexander Menshikov
Tamara Eidelman
Biography of Peter the Great's right hand man, who lived out his final years in disgrace and penury.
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov

Russian Calendar

20: An End to Heresy
Tamara Eidelman
Archbishop Gennady and the struggle between Church, State and one of the many reasons there was no Reformation in Russia.
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov

Russian Calendar

22: Annual Holiday Gift Guide
Our annual consideration of some great gift ideas for Russophiles. Now available online as well!
:: Translation by Nora Seligman Favorov

Russian Calendar

24: Taste of Russia 6
Warm weather, blue skies and large crowds made this year’s annual festival a big success. We present a photo montage of the event.

26: No sweat, dude, really!
Mikhail Ivanov
An explanation of current Russian youth's slang.
:: Illustrations/Images by Victor Bogorad

Survival Russian

28: A World Apart
Samuel L. Scheib
For 70 years, the Moscow Metro has pulsed below the surface of the capital, transporting workers and visitors, shoppers and students between stations that look more like palaces than public transport sites.

36: Target 8255: The Strangely Lucky Flight of Mathias
Tom Lecompte
Nearly 20 years after Mathias Rust landed his Cessna near Red Square, the full story of his flight can be told. In Rust’s first extensive interview about his flight, he recounts amazing details of the event that forever changed the world’s perception of the Soviet Union.

48: A Southern City By the Sea
Aleksandra Shcherbina
Had the tide of history turned just a bit differently, Taganrog could have become Russia’s new capital instead of St. Petersburg. Take a visit to this sleepy southern town on the Sea of Azov.

54: Searching for Slavkas
Mikhail Ivanov and Sergei Dospekhov
Chess champions and Russia go together like blini and caviar. Or so it used to be. Russia’s chess world is in crisis after some humiliating losses. What is the next move?

58: Two Book Reviews
Paul E. Richardson
We review Olga Grushin's "The Dream Life of Sukhanov" and Hugh Barnes' "Gannibal," plus the Russian film "Nochnoy Dozor."
Under Review

60: The Lesson
Laura Williams
Villagers teach a horse a lesson. Or not.
Notes from a Russian Village

62: Food on the Run
Darra Goldstein
A look at Russian fast food over the past century, in honor of our story on the Moscow Metro. The recipe is for toasted sunflower seeds.

64: The Ultimate Choice
Alexandra Borisenko
Ruminations on Mikhail Khodorkovsky's battle with Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.
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