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Mar/Apr 2005

Mar/Apr 2005

18: Sergei Yursky
Dasha Demourova
A profile of the actor, writer and poet who stood up to the Soviet regime and outlived it in both his art and his life.
Russian Calendar

20: Ivan Kulibin
Dasha Demourova
Biography of the amazing 18th century inventor Ivan Kulibin.
Russian Calendar

22: Virtual Russian
Alex Lane
A look at the language (which at times hardly seems like Russian) which reigns on the RuNet.
:: Illustrations/Images by Victor Bogorad

Survival Russian

24: Off the Beaten Ring
Tamara Eidelman
The Golden Ring is one of the most famous tourist routes within Russia. Not more than a day from the capital, it offers a glimpse into Russia’s 1000-year-old history. But what if you venture slightly off this well-worn ring?

34: A Conservatory in Peril
Lynnda Greene
The Moscow Conservatory is dangerously threatened by the river above which it floats, and by the bureaucrats who underfinance it.

41: RuNet: A Cyberian Adventure
Anna Bowles
The Internet is becoming an important factor in Russian culture and the Russian economy. We trace its history and plot its future trajectory.

48: Exhibitionism: Soviet Style
Alexander Mozhayev
Crafted as a showpiece of communist achievement, today VDNKh is a time-capsule of Soviet kitsch. And yet...

54: Young Russians We Have Been Watching
Mikhail Ivanov
Four years ago, we profiled 100 Young Russians to Watch in the New Century. We felt it was about time to check back and see how some of them are doing.

60: Four books and a CD
Paul E. Richardson
We review The Five, by Vladimir Jabotinsky, Bobby Fischer Goes to War, A Traveller's Companion to Moscow, Strange Soviet Practices and a CD called Russian Romance.
Under Review

61: Tasty and Healthy
Darra Goldstein
Veggie-burgers have a Russian antecedent. We give the recipe, plus some interesting cultural history on cookbooks.

64: Off the Record
Paul E. Richardson
A transcript of a conversation we recently uncovered between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
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