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Nov/Dec 2004

Nov/Dec 2004

14: For Whom the Bells
Dasha Demourova
75 years ago, the Soviets silenced church bells in Russia. We look at the long history of these musical (and social) instruments.
Russian Calendar

16: Andrei Sakharov
Dasha Demourova
Andrei Sakharov was a paragon of dissent in the last years of the Soviet Union. On the 15th anniversary of his birth, we look back at his life and work.
Russian Calendar

20: Taste of Russia vs. Ivan the Terrible
Several thousand Russophiles braved a Russian hurricane to attend September’s Taste of Russia festival in Amherst, MA.

22: Inside the Bolshoi
Yaroslav Sedov
The Bolshoi – its very name evokes images of greatness, of an artistic history unequaled anywhere else in the world. We take you behind the scenes.

32: Shooting for Gold
Mikhail Ivanov
The Athens Olympic Games are over. Time for the Monday morning quarterbacking to begin. Here is how the Russian team did, and should have done (includes a special profile of three female gold medalists from Volgograd).

38: Nutcracker Sweet
Darra Goldstein
The holidays are a time for great music and great sweets. So what better time to enjoy a nutty sweet like these Almond Caramels. We offer not only the recipe, but some interesting history of the most famous holiday musical: The Nutcracker.

39: The Discreet Charm of Avos
Lina Rozovskaya
Fatalism is widely considered one of the most indispensable of Russian character traits. We look at this trait through the lens of "avos".
Survival Russian

40: Genius Temporis
Galina Yuzefovich
Victor Pelevin may well be the greatest Russian writer of his generation. Not as he seems to care, though.

46: Bringing in the New Year
Laura Williams
From her village in the Bryansk region, Laura Williams offers a distinctly rural picture of the New Year's holidays in Russia.
Notes from a Russian Village

48: Juries on Trial
Vladimir Voronov
After nearly a 100-year hiatus, jury trials have returned to Russia. The results, as one might expect, have been mixed.

55: Two Cities: A Tale
Vasily Latenko
On Russia’s western frontier, two cities straddle an international border that is less than 15 years old.

60: The One and the Many
Paul E. Richardson
A review of Andrey Zvyagintsev's movie, new on DVD, "The Return," and a new film, Notes from the Underground. Also briefly reviewed are three CDs.
Under Review

64: Chechnya: A Gordian Knot
Alexei Malashenko
In the wake of the Beslan tragedy, we asked noted expert on Chechnya, Alexei Malashenko, to offer some insights on where the conflict is headed and how Russia can solve this problem in the near or long term.
Post Script