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Jul/Aug 2004

Jul/Aug 2004

16: Vera Mukhina
Dasha Demourova
A look at the familiar, and not so familiar, work of a famous Soviet-era sculptor.
Russian Calendar

18: Isaac Babel
Dasha Demourova
Biography of one of the Soviet era's most talented writers, snuffed out before his light shone fully.
Russian Calendar

22: The Wild Edge

Meet Vadim Gorbatov, an artist who explores the wild edge between wilderness and civilization.

29: Looking for Athenian Gold
Vasily Latenko
Olympic fever is coming! Russia’s team is strong, diverse and well-placed to excel in this summer’s medal race.

37: The Bear Whisperers
Laura Williams
The Pazhetnovs rescue abandoned and injured bears, nurse them to health and train them to survive in the wild. Then they let them go.
:: Illustrations/Images by Igor Shpilenok


42: Saving the Chelyuskin
R.E.G. Davies
Seventy years ago, the icebreaker Chelyuskin was trapped in arctic ice, its 112 passengers and crew stranded off Chukotka. Then Soviet airmen mounted a daring airborne rescue unlike anything ever before attempted.

45: Planet Hermitage
Polina Fomina
Two score and two centuries ago, Catherine the Great founded a museum. Today, it is a planet unto itself.

50: Kolyma Gold
Alexey Dmitriev
Siberia’s gold is one of its greatest riches. But that wealth is buried in one of the least hospitable places on Earth.

61: Pulp Fiction for the Summer
Paul E. Richardson
Looking for something Russian to read this summer? Here are our picks. For more reading ideas, follow this link for a list of all books we have reviewed in our department "Under Review."
Under Review

64: Runaway Juries
Of late, jury trials have been producing some surprising, and upsetting, verdicts.
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