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May/Jun 2004

May/Jun 2004

16: By Axe, Rope and Bullet
Dasha Demourova
A brief history of the death penalty in Russia.
Russian Calendar

18: Lomonosov Porcelain Factory
Dasha Demourova
A history of St. Petersburg's famous porcelain factory, founded 150 years ago.
Russian Calendar

22: Kremlin Ghosts
Tamara Eidelman
Hidden behind the walls of Moscow’s ancient fortress are phantoms and shades from centuries gone by.

30: From Devushka to Babushka, Non-Stop
Lina Rozovskaya
Russian offers a peculiar conundrum when it comes to addressing strangers. We tackle the issue head on.
Survival Russian

31: Kremlin Cookery Secrets
Darra Goldstein
In the spirit of our cover story on Kremlin Secrets, we take a glance at some secrets of Kremlin cuisine. And the recipe is a fitting feast of Roast Beef, in the style of "Hussar's Liver."

32: What are They Teaching Our Kids?
Svetlana Solodovnik and Nikolai Pavlovich
Profound changes are afoot that will alter how future generations of Russians see the world. In schools across Russia, new curricula are being introduced, history is being rewritten, and the role of religion in education is being hotly debated.

42: Tomsk at 400
J. Lee Jacobson
We visit this quiet Siberian city. Once closed to the outside world, it is now open and preparing to celebrate its quadricentennial.

47: A History in Wood
Yelena Wedekind
The intricately carved wood architecture of Tomsk is unique to the region, and its variations tells of the town's history.

48: Akhmatova: The Poet Who Buried Stalin
Lev Lurie
Anna Akhmatova was one of the most important Russian poets of the 20th century. On the anniversary of her birth, we look back on her life and work, both vivid reflections of twentieth century Russia.

56: Boom Time: Siberia’s Oil-Rich Middle Class
Eric Helque
When you hear about Russia’s nascent middle class, talk is usually about Muscovites or Petersburgers. But what about Siberians? We sent an intrepid reporter to investigate.

60: Two Stalin-Faced Books
Paul E. Richardson
Stalin's visage can still sell books. We review two recent titles on his era, one on Shostakovich, one by Isaiah Berlin. Plus we briefly review 5 other new titles. The link to this article leads to places you can order the books.
Under Review

64: Shipping Out
Some facts and figures about conscription in Russia.
Post Script