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Nov/Dec 2003

Nov/Dec 2003

Does Russia Matter?
Paul E. Richardson
Just how important is Russia in the world?

11: Duma Mania
Lina Rozovskaya
An update on the latest power shifts and shiftiness in the Duma campaign.
Note Book

12: Chechnya Votes
Eric Helque
Where we offer a ground's eye view from Chechnya, during this fall's less-than-contentious election there.
Note Book

24: Moving Pictures
Dina Goder
The masters of Russian and Soviet animation rank among the world's greatest artists of the genre. But not many outside the industry know their names or have ever seen their work.

32: We Once Had a Poet Called Tyutchev
Anatoly Liberman
Many consider his lyrics to be the best ever written in Russian. On the 200th anniversary of Tyutchev's birth, we offer a tribute.

35: A Tale of Three Sandpipers
Lina Rozovskaya
Where we explore the language of drink and drinking in Russia.
Survival Russian

36: Tolkuchka in Turkmenistan
Darra Goldstein
An exploration of Russian food in Turkmeninstan and Turkmen influences on Russian food. The featured recipe is Baked Stuffed Pumpkin.

37: Realm of the Sacred Raven
Ilya Stogoff
In the second installment of Ilya Stogoff's travels in the Russian Far East, the author explores the steamy side of Kamchatka.

42: (Very) Old Ladoga
Vasily Latenko and Lev Lurie
It was, for a time (a millenium or so ago) Russia's capital. But that title passed to another, helping to preserve a bit of the history of this idyllic, 1250-year-old northern town.

48: Kustodiev's Art World
Anna Tolstova
His art was a Volga thing, a devil-may-care, reckless thing, full of sun and music, with fairs and farces, troikas, traktirs and banyas, samovars from Tula and trays from Zhostov -- it was motley as lubok and as subtle as a Flemish painting.

56: Descendants of the Swan
J. Lee Jacobson
In the remote, open landd southeast of Lake Baikal, beyond typical tourist itineraries, where Genghis Khan once roamed, live most of Russia's 370,000 Buryats. We decided to pay them a visit.

64: Promises, Promises ...
Lina Rozovskaya
What won't the political candidates for the Duma promise to get elected?
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