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Mar/Apr 2003

Mar/Apr 2003

24: A Gogol for the 20th Century
Darra Goldstein
Nikolai Zabolotsky is one of the greatest Russian poets of modern times. Yet few outside Russia know his name.

28: Mysteries of Ice Fishing
Sergei Semyonov
Ice fishing in a hut, with a radio and a heated bench? Surely you must be joking! Russians have a better way.

33: Of Fish and Cockroaches
Lina Rozovskaya
Some ways to tell the difference between fish names and a discussion of fishy aphorisms and idioms.

34: Lost and Found in Siberia
Otis E. Hays, Jr.
Eleven Americans were lost in Stalin's Siberia for nearly a month before anyone even knew they were there. This is their story of survival.

40: The Cats Who Guard the Hermitage
Anna Tarasova
If you think St. Petersburg's Hermitage museum is famous only for its great collections and masterpieces, you are mistaken. Meet the felines that prowl the basements.

43: A Fierce War: Being Catholic in Russia
Ilya Stogoff
It's not easy being Catholic in Russia today. Popular writer Ilya Stogoff explains why.

47: A Single-Minded Man
Dmitry Feofanov
He was a great composer who never lacked for confidence. We take a tour of his life and work.

52: A Spring Day Feeds You For a Year
Laura Williams
Spring comes to the village in the form of mud and planting rituals.
Notes from a Russian Village

54: Tatarstan: Travel in Multicultural Russia
Laura-Julie Perreault
The Republic of Tatarstan has perfected its dance on the razor's edge, between autonomy and security. Travel there with our correspondent and meet the republic's savvy president.

60: Midwinter Fish Fest
Darra Goldstein
Nothing tastes quite like fish pulled from the icy waters beneath a winter fishing hole. Here is a simple recipe for a Russian Fish Bake.

61: Cossacks, Music and Enlightenment
We review: The Cossacks, An Illustrated History; Bering Strait's debut CD, and The Commissariat of Enlightenment.
Under Review

64: Unofficially Speaking
Paul E. Richardson
A look at life after the passage of a proposed Law on the State Language.
Post Script